Permanent make-up is a cosmetic treatment that can be used to embellish eyebrows, eyelids, lips, scars and nipples through the use of pigmentation.

Permanent Make-Up at a glance

  • Duration
    2 hours
  • Painless
  • Follow-up treatment


  • Eyeliner
    CHF 600
  • Lips
    CHF 700
  • Refreshing
    price on enquiry
  • Scar treatment
    price on enquiry
  • Medical Permanent Make-Up
    ab CHF 400


Micro-pigmentation can be applied to facial areas as well as to other parts of the body.


Micro-pigmentation completely corrects thin and/or irregular hair growth of the eyebrows by creating a flat and even eyebrow line. Any scars in the eyebrows can also be camouflaged by the treatment. Over-epilated eyebrows can also be corrected to regain a perfect, even appearance.


By relying on different color combinations, micro-pigmentation can change and beautify the appearance and radiance of the eyes. As a form of eyeliner, pigmentation can be applied between the lashes, ensuring a natural and full eyelash.


A natural-looking supplement or an additional accent to the lips can be achieved by using micro-pigmentation for lip contours. Creation of a symmetrical appearance of the lips is another important application.


Scars represent the final state of a healed wound. Everyone can relate to the feeling of having an undesirable scar. Especially for flat scars without strong keloid formation, micro-pigmentation can be used to improve the appearance of the skin tissue by means of color-precise pigmentation. Scars can be camouflaged by re-pigmenting the skin, as long as they are at least one year old. Thanks to the manifold possibilities of medical pigmentation, it is now possible to achieve significant aesthetic improvements on skin tissue.

Retouched and reconstructed nipples:

After the healing process is complete for scars resulting from breast surgery, they can be retouched by medical permanent make-up. Using color, micro-pigmentation blends the scars into the appearance of the surrounding skin. A complete optical reconstruction of the areola complex (nipple and areola) using a natural and unique color and shape is also possible. Even on close inspection, an artificial areola is almost indistinguishable from a natural one.

In permanent make-up through micro-pigmentation, a special skin-friendly pigment is introduced using a minuscule oscillating needle. For this specialized and precise treatment, professional skills and reliable equipment are a prerequisite.

We use ISO-certified products. Our device offers the highest quality and precision, which reduces skin injuries to the bare minimum. The digital control ensures a consistent penetration frequency even with different skin resistance levels. This control is the only way to ensure a steady guidance of the needle as well as injections that are exactly the same size and are equidistant. It thus leads to a more beautiful result and to the highest-quality micro-pigmentation.

  • Do not visit saunas and solariums within 7 days of pigmentation.
  • Protect the treated areas from the sun. If the treated areas are protected from the sun in the long term, the quality of the micro-pigmentation will be preserved.
  • Dietary supplements that promote regeneration (zinc, vitamin E) have a detrimental effect on color development.
  • Do not apply wound and healing ointments after pigmentation.
  • Do not scrape away skin flakes that arise after treatment. Instead, clean and care for the skin only with recommended products.
  • Pigmentation will lose up to 50% of its color intensity within 7 to 14 days. The colors develop according to their own color type (warm/cold).

The pigmented areas can tighten or itch within 3 days of treatment. Temporary swelling and redness can occur.

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