En Curve

enCurve is the latest generation of treatments using a contactless radio-frequency device for non-invasive fat cell destruction. Applicable all over the body, enCurve evenly heats adipose tissue, completely destroying fat cells that are then flushed out of the body. At the same time, the heat stimulates collagen synthesis so that the surrounding tissue is smoothed. As fat tissue contains more water and thus heats up faster and better, enCurve has no negative effect on surrounding organs and skin. The first results of the treatment are visible from the third to fourth session. More sessions may be needed depending on the problem zone.

EnCurve Zürich

En Curve at a glance

  • Duration
    The treatment takes about 1 hour.
  • Painless
    The treatment is painless.
  • Follow-up treatment
    A follow-up treatment is not necessary. However, to achieve an optimal result, at least 4 treatments at intervals of 1 week are recommended.


  • Belly
    CHF 580
  • Flanks
    CHF 580
  • Saddlebags
    CHF 580
  • Inner Thighs
    CHF 580
  • Knee
    CHF 580
  • 6 sessions
    CHF 2’880


At least four treatments are required, each at 1-week intervals. If a significant reduction in volume is desired, at least four to six sessions are required. After a treatment cycle, it takes up to eight weeks for the final result to be visible, with initial results expected after two to three weeks. If the customer wishes for a further reduction in the size of the treated area, another cycle can take place after three months.

The applicator of the appropriate size and shape is placed above the treatment area, and the aesthetician enters the required information into the graphical user interface. The device measures the tissue resistance and adjusts its function accordingly. The energy level and performance constantly adjusts to ensure a homogeneous heating of the tissue. Clients can relax during the treatment because it is completely pain-free.

Success of the treatment is individual and depends to some degree on lifestyle changes made by the client. When dietary changes are made at the same time, preventing the body from building up more fat, the results of the treatment are above average. Circumference reductions from 11 to 14 cm are possible.

The number of therapy sessions required depends on your treatment goals. Your aesthetician will propose a treatment plan that is tailored to you needs and will discuss with you the number of therapy sessions required for your goals.

No. There are virtually no side effects expected from the treatment. You can immediately resume your daily activities.

Yes, the treatment is suitable for all skin types.

  • Suitable for anyone desiring aesthetic improvement of the figure (without the cost and recovery time of surgery)
  • Large treatment area possible
  • Treatment of abdomen, hips, legs, buttocks, arms, calves and knees
  • Ideal supplement to a diet
  • Short duration of treatment (30 to 45 minutes)
  • Consistent results
  • Gentle and pleasant treatment
  • Simultaneous tightening of skin and connective tissue
  • Can accommodate clients with a BMI above 30
  • Complete destruction of fat cells
  • Sustainable results
  • Do not consume carbohydrates.
  • Do not consume a large amount of salt.
  • Eat a lot of “green foods” and proteins (white meat, fish, and eggs).
  • Drink enough water!
  • Do not apply body lotion.
  • Do not use mobile phones and other devices during treatment. Leave your mobile phone in your bag.
  • Before treatment, remove all piercings, bras with metal clasps, and all other metal on or near the body.
  • Increased urine and stool passage
  • Increased sweating
  • Muscle soreness
  • Slightly red skin
  • Slight swelling
  • Panniculitis (hardened nodules under the skin)
  • Any metal implants or piercings in the treatment area
  • Copper spiral (intra-uterine device)
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Pacemaker

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